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Post: Media: Biden’s meeting with US congressional leaders postponed until next week


US President Joe Biden. archive photo

WP: Biden’s meeting with US congressional debt leaders postponed until next week

WASHINGTON, May 11 – RIA Novosti. The newspaper wrote on Thursday that the meeting between US President Joe Biden and US Congress leaders on raising the national debt ceiling, scheduled for Friday, has been postponed until next week. Washington Post citing sources familiar with this decision.

The reasons for this delay and who caused the postponement of the meeting were not disclosed. It was noted that on Thursday afternoon, representatives of the US Congress and the US administration held a technical meeting, where they discussed the parameters of a future agreement on the problem of raising the national debt ceiling.

US authorities are currently urging Congress to raise the national debt ceiling, which is pegged at $31.4 trillion. Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, are in favor of cutting public spending as a condition for increasing debt. The Biden administration is demanding that Congress raise the ceiling without any conditions.

Previously, the US Treasury began to implement emergency measures in connection with reaching the borrowing limit to avoid default. Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the government probably won’t be able to meet all of its obligations until 1 June without a decision on the national debt.

American flag on the US Department of Defense building - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/11/2023

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