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Post: Expert says US and EU policy could cause a jump in oil prices


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Expert Rodriguez: Delaying conflict in West, Ukraine could cause oil price jump

KARACAS, 28 May – RIA Novosti. Angel Rodriguez, head of the commission of the National Assembly of Venezuela, said that the US and Europe, prolonging the conflict in Ukraine, could cause oil prices to jump to $ 250 per barrel, and this would have dire consequences.

“The most difficult problem is that both Europe and the US have an intention to prolong this conflict. Prolongation of this conflict could cause the price of a barrel of oil to rise to $180, 200 and 250 dollars. Imagine the economic consequences for consumers,” he said.

“The sad thing is that you can see how the oligarchy of European countries adds fuel to the fire when Russian gas and Russian hydrocarbons are essential for the economy and quality of life of the European people,” said Rodriguez.

Who is Russia selling oil to?
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Who is Russia selling oil to?



Source: Ria

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