Post: Annual inflation in Russia fell to 2.32%

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Ministry of Economic Development: Annual inflation decreased from 2.42 percent to 2.32 percent

MOSCOW, May 12 – RIA Novosti. Annual inflation in Russia declined from 2.42% on May 2 to 2.32% on May 10. review Ministry of Economic Development “About the current price situation”.

In the document, “There was no price increase for the period of May 3 to May 10, 2023. Annual inflation decreased to 2.32 percent.”

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This is the lowest inflation value since February 2020 (then 2.3%).

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, from May 3 to May 10, food prices fell by 0.06% due to the accelerated fall in the cost of fruits and vegetables and the slowdown in the price increase of other products. Food products.

“In the non-food sector, prices decreased by 0.01% due to the decrease in electrical and white goods prices and the slowdown in automobile prices. In the services sector, the increase in prices slowed down due to the slowdown in the prices of household goods. services”, write the authors of the document.

In April, the Ministry of Economic Development raised its 2023 inflation forecast from 5.5% to 5.3%. Looking at the year-on-year dynamics, the ministry expects it to accelerate to 3.6% yoy in June, to 4.7% in September and to 5.3% in December. In 2024-2026, inflation will be around 4%.

The Central Bank of Russia forecasts inflation at 4.5-6.5% this year.

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