Post: The head of the company at DPR spoke about the impact of the benefits on agricultural producers.

It unites during the harvest campaign in the Donetsk region. archive photo

Head of agribusiness Matsagor: Benefits in new regions greatly helped DPR farmers

VOLNOVAKHA (DPR), 8 June – RIA Novosti. Andrey Matsagor, acting general manager of an agricultural enterprise in the Volnovakhsky region, told RIA Novosti that the benefits to agricultural producers in the new regions of Russia greatly help DPR farmers.

“The release of traders buying products in the new regions of the Russian Federation has helped agricultural producers a lot. Per grain is higher than in other regions,” Matsagor said.

He added that some of the products produced by his company are sold to neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. The exception is milk that remains in the DPR due to complex logistics. However, negotiations with a buyer from the Rostov region are already underway.

“The main products are sold to neighboring regions because the price is slightly higher and healthy competition in neighboring regions allows us to get the best price,” he said.

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Source: Ria

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