Post: Sowing dates in DPR changed due to rains

Tillage before planting. archive photo

Head of agricultural enterprise Matsagor: The timing of the sowing season in the DPR has changed due to the rains

VOLNOVAKHA (DPR), 8 June – RIA Novosti. The timing of the planting season in the DPR has changed due to rains, part of the area remains uncultivated, Andrey Matsagor, acting general manager of an agricultural enterprise in the Volnovakha region, told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the biggest problem of the current planting season is the weather conditions. “April was rainy, part of May was rainy. This period delayed the planting of the crops. Moreover, the rainfall for six months fell in one month. It was good when the humidity was high, but it was too much. Matsagor said the following about the planting works carried out by his business:

He added that corn, sorghum and buckwheat were planted. Sunflower fields are being planted.

The October campaign in the DPR began in March, during the period of active hostilities. According to the DPR Ministry of Agri-Industrial Policy and Food, as of June 6, the cultivation of industrial crops crossed the equator – 55% of the area (66.7 thousand hectares) was planted, 61% was planted with the equator. Late grain products.

The October campaign in the Lipetsk region is moving faster

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