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Post: Media: Holders have not yet received Russian Eurobond payments


Globe and banknotes - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29/05/2022
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Bloomberg: Russian Eurobond holders haven’t received their payments yet

MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti. Bloomberg Agency claimsIt is alleged that Russian Eurobond holders have not yet received payments of approximately $100 million, because if the transferred funds do not reach the holders of the securities within 30 days, Russia may default in paying its foreign debt.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has transferred funds in advance for the payment of coupons for two issuances of Eurobonds, which are due in 2026 and 2036, and are due on May 27. The payment broker – the National Settlement Deposit – received funding to pay off Russian Eurobond proceeds of US$71.25 million due in 2026 and €26.5 million due in 2036.

However, as the agency noted, nearly $100 million in funding likely didn’t reach investors. According to the media, if the situation with the payment scheduled for May 27 does not change within 30 days, this could serve as the basis for a declaration of default.

Russia will not renew a license that allows it to pay foreign debt under international sanctions after May 25, the US Treasury Department said on Tuesday.

Russia will offer all Eurobond holders a means to meet their obligations, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Thursday. Russia is a reliable debtor and will try to pay off its foreign debts even if the West gets in the way; He said Russia has enough currency and resources to pay off its debt. He added that the announcement of the possibility of a technical default on the Russian public debt due to the actions of the United States would not affect the lives of the Russians in any way.

Source: Ria

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