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Post: “Kommersant”: Mintsifry to increase liability for personal data leaks


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“Kommersant”: Mintsifra will increase liability for leakage of customers’ personal data

MOSCOW, May 30 – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Digital Development has agreed on a bill regulating the collection of turnover penalties from companies that leak their customers’ personal data, informs The Kommersant newspaper cites sources.

The interlocutors of the publication said that the initiative was discussed in the ministry on May 26.

According to a source familiar with the details of the meeting, a representative from the Ministry of Digital Development said that the bill is in its final stages: the initiative indicates violators could be fined as much as one percent of annual turnover. At the same time, the penalty may increase to three percent if the leaking company does not report the incident to Roskomnadzor within 24 hours.

According to the publication, the document will be submitted to the State Duma next week. The lower house’s information policy committee supported the agency’s proposal.

“A business should be motivated to keep user data safe, because a 60,000-rouble fine for leaking Yandex.Food is a mockery of common sense,” said President Alexander Khinshtein.

He believes that such a law will force businesses to invest more in the development of information security systems.

It was announced that the development of the initiative has accelerated due to the disclosure of data of Yandex.Food, Delivery Club users and customers of the Hemotest laboratory on the Web.

Source: Ria

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