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Post: Maltsev: EU countries that want to “show Russia the fig” will miscalculate


The underground gas tanks in Europe already seem like gold and foreign currency, because the price of gas is terrible, author Igor Maltsev told Sputnik radio.

Journalist and writer Igor Maltsev commented on the refusal of some companies and EU countries to pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles.

“I think the point is in the political position – to show Russia the violin. Just as in all the post-war years, Finland can sit quietly and not shine … But in the case of Finland the direct consumer is that (Refusal to purchase gas in the Russian Federation, – ed.) will not be particularly reflected. Gasification of private houses is not very common due to the great sparseness of the population on the map of Finland, and the length of the country from north to south is more than a thousand kilometers. There is no gas pipeline there, people warm up in a completely different way. Gas consumers are mostly factories and electricity producers. “The Finns also believe that they will get the gas from somewhere else,” he said.

He added that the dependence of the Netherlands and Denmark on Russian gas, which refuses to pay for purchases under the program proposed by Moscow, is also minimal. In other words, these countries believe they can afford such gestures.

But they could be wrong: Spot market prices are already very high and are unlikely to drop much, even though the heating season is over.

“They would now have to pump gas into underground storage facilities. The problem is that now they’re already becoming gold and currency storage facilities, because the price of gas is terrible. And it’s unclear whether the end consumer will be able to do that. I’ll get that gas later,” Igor added. Maltsev.

He commented on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s call for employers and unions in the country to unite their efforts to reduce inflation.

Previously at the German Federal Statistical Office given predicting that inflation in the country could reach 7.9 percent by the end of the year, breaking the historical record.

“This is nothing but a political statement. The work process in Germany is organized in such a way that the employer pays the state a lot for his worker, and the worker pays a lot. So I really don’t understand. What Scholz means when he says: let’s get together. Everything seems to be the business of the stock market: when everything is fine in the stock market, brokers make money, and when the stock market crashes, all people become poor,” said Igor Maltsev.

According to him, the current problems of the German economy are the result of additional emissions and urgent social programs over the past two years.

“It didn’t start on February 24, it started much earlier. And they warned that in Germany all these payments and the printing of banknotes to support during the pandemic will lead to an increase in inflation. All this has been done for two years, and now it has come. the consequences of the sanctions. It did not start today. and it was completely different people who invented it, not Putin. Therefore, there are no prerequisites for this to stop, ”says the author.

Listen to the broadcast of the program with the participation of Igor Maltsev here:

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