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Post: Orlov instructed an ASEZ resident to help obtain the right to develop a quarry


Vasily Orlov, Governor of the Amur Region. Archive photo

The head of the Amur region, Orlov, instructed the resident of TOP to help him get the right to develop a quarry.

BLAGOVESCHENSK, June 2 – RIA Novosti. The Governor of the Amur Region, Vasily Orlov, instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources of the region to help the resident of ASEZ, the complex for the production of reinforced concrete products of OOO TPK Vostok, quickly obtain the right to develop a sand quarry. , informs government of the region.

TPK Vostok LLC has resided in Priamurskaya PDA since 2021. The company manufactures foundations, piles, pavements, power transmission lines, supplies the Vostochny cosmodrome, the Amur gas processing plant and gas chemicals. complicated.

The director of the complex, Yevgeny Nosov, said: “In 2021, we produced more than 25 thousand different products worth 808 million rubles. Our products are in demand in the energy sector, road and civil construction. Therefore, we plan to double the capacity of the plant.” He told Orlov that his words were quoted in the message.

According to the authorities, by 2023, as part of the investment project, the factory will expand, an additional production workshop, warehouse and production facilities, a checkpoint and a weight checkpoint will appear. 400 new jobs will be created (193 people currently employed at the plant). To increase capacity and start new production, the plant needs to start extracting inert materials on its own: sand, crushed stone.

“The enterprise produces products that are in demand in the region. To manufacture its products, it has to purchase and transport sand from Svobodny and Blagoveshchensk, although the material is close to the region. The plant itself must extract the necessary inert materials. This will increase the capacity of the enterprise and reduce the cost of manufactured products, this is especially important. We need to help them. It is necessary to speed up the coordination process of a quarry for the extraction of sand. “The Ministry of Natural Resources is taking this matter under special control,” said Orlov, quoted by the Ministry of Amur Region government.

Source: Ria

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