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Post: Energy Ministry cuts hydrogen export forecast


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Energy Ministry worsens forecast for blue and green hydrogen exports from Russia

MOSCOW, June 2 – RIA Novosti. According to the newspaper’s report, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has prepared a preliminary stress scenario for the program for the development of low-carbon hydrogen energy in Russia by 2030, worsening the blue and green hydrogen export manReferring to the presentation of the program sent to the company.

According to the publication, the final version will be submitted to the government in June.

After Russia started a special operation in Ukraine, Russia, one of the world’s largest buyers of blue hydrogen produced by steam reforming of methane with the use of CO2, and green hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable energy sources from water, was cut off. , newspaper notes. As a result, the benchmark for the potential to export hydrogen from the Russian Federation was reduced by almost half – from 9.5 million to 4.5 million tons. The sales market may only shrink to China.

In the presentation, it is stated that especially Japan and South Korea are unfriendly countries, but they may pursue an independent policy against Russia in the future. Their demand potential is estimated to be 3.7 million tons.

Actual exports from the Russian Federation by 2030 may be 1.4 million tons instead of 2.2 million tons. Creating production in Russia will require an investment of $21.1 billion, and export earnings are estimated at $12.8 billion.

All hydrogen and ammonia production projects fall into five clusters: Sakhalin (Rosatom’s project to transport blue hydrogen to China by sea), Yakutia (North-East Alliance’s project to transport blue hydrogen to China), Yamal (Novatek’s project) . for export of blue hydrogen to Germany by sea), East Siberia (En + green hydrogen supply to China by rail) and North-West (green hydrogen projects of Rosatom, Rosnano, H2 Clean Energy).

According to the publication, the Ministry of Energy proposes to expand the existing state support measures in 10 years. These include supporting loan interest rates, tax reductions, meeting 50% of transportation costs, reducing electricity costs, etc. countable. The cost of support measures at the presentation rose from $2.3 billion to $7.6 billion.

The Ministry of Energy said that “the current version of the program has been finalized, it is still too early to name the updated parameters.” Rosatom told the newspaper that they are actively continuing the development of projects in the field of hydrogen energy, including Sakhalin, and are considering various markets for export. Other companies did not respond.

Source: Ria

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