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Post: FA writes Biden is “leaning” on Riyadh for the sake of sanctions against Russia


US President Joe Biden. archive photo

FA: Biden will reject Riyadh’s demand for oil production and sanctions against Russia

MOSCOW, June 5 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden, during his visit to Saudi Arabia, will not be able to persuade the country to increase oil production and impose sanctions on Russia, author In an article for Foreign Affairs by columnist Dahlia Dassah Kay.

In his view, the American leader’s decision to “bow down” to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud would be a mistake as he would leave empty-handed.

“In exchange for questionable success, Biden will receive almost guaranteed reputational damage. There was no need to plan this train,” Dalia Dassa Kay said.

The author of the publication believes that Riyadh will not cut off relations with Russia for the sake of increased oil production and, above all, will take into account its own interests, in order to avoid a decrease in global demand for the resource.

“Some believe that Biden should lure the Saudis to the side of the United States and drive them away from China and Russia. However, visits by top US officials or billions of dollars in arms sales are unlikely to create a wedge in Riyadh’s relations. with China and Russia, given their active development.

Dalia Dassa Kay predicts that the leaders of the Middle East countries will persevere in their decision not to take restrictive measures against Moscow due to the special operations in Ukraine.

A day ago, Biden admitted that he will visit Saudi Arabia soon, but according to him, final plans have not yet been formed.

Source: Ria

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