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Post: TNF-2023 provides a vector for the development of the Russian oil and gas industry, Moore said


Industry and Energy Forum TNF-2023 opened in Tyumen. Archive photo

Moor: TNF-2023 shows the development vector of the Russian oil and gas industry

TYUMEN, September 19 – RIA Novosti. The TNF-2023 industrial and energy forum held in Tyumen demonstrated a new vector of development of the Russian oil and gas industry aimed at technological dominance, said Alexander Moor, governor of the Tyumen region. telegram channel.

The official opening of the TNF EXPO forum and exhibition took place on September 18.

View of the Tyumen embankment and the Lovers' Bridge - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09/05/2023

A new gas distribution station was opened in the Tyumen region

“The TNF-2023 Industry and Energy Forum is a platform that demonstrates a new development vector of the oil and gas industry aimed at technological independence. The forum includes oil and gas companies, financial institutions and educational institutions. There are a large number of companies interested in software development and information security issues.” said Moore, emphasizing that “all of these are domestic products.”

Speaking at the opening of the forum, Moore also noted that Tyumen Industry and Energy Forum TNF celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. With the support of the regional government, it unites companies and research centers operating in such sectors as the production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons, oil services, equipment production and the development of innovative technologies for the fuel and energy complex. At the forum, leading experts discuss current problems, trends and develop a strategy for the development of the Russian fuel and energy complex.

TNF Industry and Energy Forum will continue until September 21. The program includes discussions on current issues in the development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, technology days and procurement sessions of leading oil and gas companies. The TNF-2023 plenary session, dedicated to the technological independence of the Russian fuel and energy complex, will be held on September 20. Approximately 10 thousand people will attend the forum events. As part of the forum, the TNF EXPO exhibition is held. This year, 68 companies and enterprises, including residents of the Tyumen oil and gas cluster, will present their products and innovative developments.

Observation deck of the Tobolsk Kremlin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 31.08.2023

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