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Post: Central Bank promises to make design of new banknotes more public


Nabiullina: Central Bank will discuss the design of new banknotes more openly

MOSCOW, October 27 – RIA Novosti. The Bank of Russia plans to discuss the design of new banknotes more publicly in the future, Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina said at a press conference on Friday.

In early October, the Bank of Russia introduced new banknotes: 1 thousand and 5 thousand ruble banknotes. The one thousand ruble banknote is dedicated to Nizhny Novgorod and the Volga Federal District. The main view on the front is the Nikolskaya Tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin; in the back are the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Ufa, the Syuyumbike Tower on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, as well as the Museum of Russian History. The State of the Tatar People and the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan, located in the building of the former palace church.

Then the regulator decided to finalize the design of the updated 1000 ruble banknote and stop its release. The fact is that the banknote depicted the temple building of the Kazan Kremlin without a cross. The temple, which was looted during the Soviet period and repaired in the early 2000s, has not yet been assembled. The image of the temple without a cross next to the Syuyumbike tower, which has a crescent, one of the symbols of Islam, on the banknote caused a stir. Commenting on the matter, a source from the Moscow Patriarchate told RIA Novosti that the Russian Orthodox Church’s images of Orthodox churches without crosses “caused its rejection.”

The head of the Central Bank stated that the regulator plans to slightly change the procedure for discussing the design of banknotes. “I think we will expand the involvement of expert groups and perhaps discuss the possible design more publicly,” Nabiullina concluded.

Enlarged layout of the updated banknote of the Bank of Russia with a face value of 1000 rubles - RIA Novosti, 1920, 10/18/2023

The Russian Orthodox Church commented on the Central Bank’s decision to finalize the design of the new banknote

Source: Ria

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