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Post: The head of the Amur region spoke about measures to support manufacturers of building materials


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Head of the Amur region Orlov: Building materials in the region should be produced without interruption

BLAGOVESCHENSK, 9 June – RIA Novosti. Vasily Orlov, Governor of the Amur Region declarationHe talked about the need for uninterrupted production of building materials in the region and the measures to support this sector.

According to the government of the Amur Region, the Minister of Construction and Architecture of the region, Nikolai Sibiryakov, briefed Orlov on the development of production and measures to support manufacturers of building materials.

“More than 50 enterprises of the building materials sector operate in the Amur region. Cement, glass plates, thermal insulation materials, facade bricks, plaster materials, paints and varnishes, ceramic tiles have not been produced in the region so far. We see an increase in the production of concrete and building brick products. The building materials sector in the region is oriented to domestic demand, while the possibility of expanding the list of manufactured goods,” said Orlov, conveyed by the government of the Amur Region, “Sibiryakov.

As Sibiryakov noted, the list of priority investment projects in the region included 4 projects in the building materials industry: the construction of a plant for the production of modern translucent structures, the modernization and reconstruction of the Blagoveshchensk building materials plant, a plant for a factory. organization of a complex for the production of aerated concrete products and the production of reinforced concrete products. Projects aiming to expand the product range are also evaluated within the scope of the business plan.

Sibiryakov, “After the epidemic and as a result of the absence of foreign workforce, ceramic brick production was resumed in three establishments in the region.”

For the full functioning of the building materials industry, the regional government has approved the procedure for providing subsidies from the regional budget to repay part of the costs associated with the implementation of priority investment projects. Benefits are provided for the payment of loan interest payments and the cost of lease payments, capital investments in capital construction projects, including construction and installation works, the purchase of equipment and vehicles, as well as the purchase of a leased asset. financial leasing agreements.

To take support measures, the investment volume should be more than 1 billion rubles. There are also some tax incentives for producers in the region.

“Currently, the support measures are only available for large companies producing construction materials with business investments of more than one billion. This is a deterrent for the development of the market, the conditions for its shrinkage need to be reviewed so that small businesses produce. It is also necessary for the products of the region. Also relevant ministries need to work more closely with such firms. The help businessmen need is not always in the form of money. Many problems can be solved in the running. Production of building materials in Turkey The Region should work smoothly,” Orlov said, quoting the government of the Amur region.

Source: Ria

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