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Post: End of the road. Shocking predictions from Saxo Bank for 2024


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Denmark’s Saxo Bank predicts capitalism will end in the US in 2024

MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA Novosti. Saksa Bank of Denmark published The prediction called “End of the Road” includes ten “sensational predictions” for 2024.

“Our shocking predictions for 2024 show how the world is approaching the end of the ‘old normal’ and how new technologies are solving old problems while creating new, perhaps more dangerous dilemmas,” he said in the release.

Man in a store window in Boston - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07/02/2023

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One of the top predictions for the coming year was the “rejection of capitalism” in the United States due to unreasonable economic policies. According to experts, Washington is forced to constantly increase budget spending before the 2024 elections in order to support the economy and prevent social unrest.

“In a desperate attempt to normalize borrowing costs, the US government is exempting income from government bonds from taxes,” analysts say. According to them, this measure marks the end of capitalism. “Money is flowing from private companies to the state, and ownership of risky assets is becoming increasingly expensive,” explains Saxo Bank.

Lower borrowing costs would reduce social unrest, but the move would be followed by “a long period of nationalization and government intervention in critical industries.”

Experts expect Robert Kennedy Jr. to win the 2024 US presidential election.

“His populist platform against warmongering Democrats and corporate elites resonates with disaffected traditional Democratic supporters and Trump supporters,” the forecast said.

National flags of Russia and the USA during bilateral security negotiations between the USA and Russia in Geneva - RIA Novosti, 1920, 31.10.2023

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The bank believes this will happen against the background of the spread of the recession and the weakening of party candidates in the US. “Public opinion attributes Biden’s mismanagement of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and the Middle East to rising oil, basic goods and rent prices,” analysts said. As for Trump, they believe his support will wane due to the candidate’s narcissism.

Saxo Bank believes a new political era in the US will usher in a dramatic move away from plutocracy, as voters demand an end to inequality, social injustice and endless wars.

The bank also warns of two global crises in 2024. One of them will be about deepfakes produced by artificial intelligence, and the second will be about the obesity epidemic.

Experts also predict that oil prices will rise to $150 per barrel, thanks to Saudi Arabia purchasing the rights to host the Champions League from UEFA.

Every year, Saxo Bank publishes “shock forecasts” that focus on a series of unexpected and underestimated events that could cause a powerful “shock wave” in financial markets.

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