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Post: REC brought together export trade participants at the Export Online conference


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MOSCOW, December 8 – RIA Novosti. On December 7, the Russian Export Center (VEB.RF) organized the first All-Russian conference on exports through Export Online’23 online channels, REC reported.

“More than 30 speakers from the largest companies in the industry took part: Ozon, Wildberries, SberObrazovanie, Artemy Lebedev Studio, VK Clips, DHL, MercuryAI, E-promo, Russian Post and others. Experts talked about the latest trends in the industry. In the message, the world of online trading discussed marketing trends, including short videos and country promotion.

Also in the conference program, it was discussed how to choose a niche and region for export, how to export through Wildberries and Ozon, the features of intercultural communication, state support in organizing export e-commerce, techniques for conducting B2B negotiations and how artificial it is. Intelligence helps people in all these matters.

REC experts talked about country marketing and the possibilities of the Made in Russia and Good Food Russia brands reaching more than 1 million buyers in foreign markets.

VTB Russia Investment Forum is calling you!  - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/08/2023

REC identified three sectors with the largest export potential

There was also talk about national pavilions and examples were given of how placing products there helps Russian companies advance in foreign markets.

Angelina Morgun, head of REC’s international partnership programs, cited as an example a promotional campaign carried out in synergy with sports, which led to an increase in the popularity of Russian products in China and, as a result, increased sales.

“This year, for the first time, we launched the mass promotion of Russian products with our Russian athletes – the campaign “Russian Products for Champions”, organized jointly with the Russian Rowing Federation. We set the target result as recognition only. “Products of nearly 100 Russian companies participated in the promotion under the Made in Russia brand “According to the interim results, the scope of the promotion reached approximately 15 million views on Chinese platforms and visits. 85 thousand orders of Russian products were sold to the marketplaces within the scope of the promotion within the scope of the Export Online conference,”23 said.

You can fit everything you need to know about successful online exporting into one day, and more than 2,000 attendees at the Export Online’23 conference were able to attest to this.

Source: Ria

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