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Post: International Construction Championship to host students for the first time


MOSCOW, June 14 – RIA Novosti. The organizing committee of the event added additional nominations for the Student League and participants in 2022 to the regulations of the International Construction Championship, held for the second year by the Russian Ministry of Construction and the State Agency Rosatom. .

The World Construction Championship (WCC) in industrial construction is a competition like no other in the world. Only in Russia professionals and newcomers to the industry can combine the excitement of competition with the expansion of business contacts. The Championship was established by the Russian Ministry of Construction and Rosatom in February 2020. It is planned to be held every year in different regions of Russia. In 2022, the participants of the championship are expected to be in Kazan, where it will be held at the Kazan Expo IEC from October 5-8.

How was it

The first championship was held in Sochi in 2021. Professionals from 34 companies that established large-scale industrial plants in Russia and around the world participated. About 500 professional builders from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Egypt, Turkey and other countries competed for the title of best. Although more than 600 people applied, 120 volunteers participated.

A real construction site will be held at the place where the championship will be held - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/09/2022
A real construction site will be held at the place where the championship will be held.

The competitions were held in 19 engineering and study nominations in three blocks: “Industrial construction”, “Construction project management”, “Design of industrial facilities”. The total prize fund of the championship in 2021 amounted to 30 million rubles. 151 experts were awarded cash prizes.

The partners of the championship were Russian Railways OJSC, RusHydro PJSC, SIBUR LLC, Electrosevkavmontazh Corporation, TITAN-2 Holding, Orgenergostroy Institute JSC and Moscow Credit Bank.

“In the first championship, we gained invaluable experience that we have already used in our work. I am sure that the second championship this fall will be even more assertive and productive. We have already started preparations to show our best. Side,” the organizers said. Event commentary by Nikolai Karpukhin, First Deputy Director General of Russian energy company “RusHydro”.

New nominations, high competencies

In 2022, the championship joined the presidential platform “Russia – the land of opportunities”. The prize fund of the Championship has also grown, this year it will be 44 million rubles: 32.4 million rubles for company representatives and independent participants, for the Student League – 11.7 million. The first prize in the nomination for professionals will be 300 thousand rubles, for students – 150 thousand.

Competitors will be presented with complex design tasks.  - DEA Novosti, 1920, 06/09/2022
Competitors will be presented with complex design tasks.

This year, the competitive program of the championship was supplemented by the nomination “Assembly of steel and reinforced concrete structures”, universal for all industries, and master electric welders will be able to compete in individual fights.

Interest remains high for the most spectacular “Best construction site” nomination, which also includes four other nominations. During two competitive days, a real construction site will be held in the Kazan Expo IEC area, and the participants of the competition will form a complex technical structure.

“The International Construction Championship is a promising platform to present Russia as a leading construction nation,” said Irek Fayzullin, Russian Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities, at the organizing committee.

Show your skills, get to know employers

This year, the Student League was added to the championship program - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09/06/2022
Added to the Student League championship schedule this year

It is now assumed that students with their own Student League formed will make up 20% of the championship participants.

“Students this year will participate in the championship where for the first time they can demonstrate their skills, get to know the industry in real conditions, find future employers. The tasks set for the personnel transformation of the construction industry, increasing the productivity of experts and the image of industry expertise,” the organizers refer to Fayzullin’s comment.

A great interest is expected from the participants from abroad. After all, many people are interested in Russian experience and technological solutions. For example, for the second year in a row among the partners of the International Construction Championship, the nomination “Construction Project Management” attracts the highest attention. In 2021, both Russian companies and experts from Egypt and Belarus took part in this nomination. It is planned to expand the list of international participants this year.

Great interest expected from exhibitors from abroad - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09/06/2022
We expect great interest from foreign participants
“The event has an important international function, bringing together representatives of different countries with the aim of developing mutually beneficial cooperation, establishing long-term relations in the construction industry, creating effective industrial cooperation,” said the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction. said.

Today, the Ministry of Construction plans to actively expand interaction, cooperation with Iran, BRICS countries, EAEU and SCO in the field of exchange of experience in the development of projects and technologies in the construction industry.

Exchange of applications and solution of demanding tasks

Within the framework of the International Construction Championship, not only competitions are held, but also a business program, and achievements and innovations can be found at a high-tech multimedia exhibition.

Therefore, during the work program of the championship in 2021, a platform was organized for discussing strategically important issues and making decisions on the development of industrial construction both in Russia and abroad. About 150 speakers spoke, eight partnership agreements were signed. The total number of guests and participants was 1500 people.

A discussion platform was organized as part of the championship's work program - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09/06/2022
A discussion platform was organized as part of the championship’s work program
“A unique venue for the International Construction Championship opened a new history in the field of industrial construction development. Second year in a row “The president of Rosatom State Corporation will bring together industry representatives to share best practices, showcase achievements and innovations, and build business contacts.”

The organizers are confident that this year, the International Construction Championship will become a showcase for building competencies and technologies like no other in the world.

The Russian construction industry is facing an ambitious task to build around 1 billion square meters by 2030. Today, we are actively developing construction technologies and materials,” emphasizes the head of the Ministry of Construction.

Today, the dynamically developing construction industry seeks opportunities to transform personnel, increase the efficiency of specialists and increase the competitiveness of organizations.

“The championship will be an impetus for the creation of new competencies, the development of international cooperation, including in the framework of the implementation of import substitution projects,” said Alexei Likhachev, Managing Director of the Rosatom State Company.

Registration for the championship on the website It started and will run until August 31st.

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