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Post: First Abu Dhabi opens a new branch in the Abu Dhabi Global Market


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The first Abu Dhabi Bank has announced the opening of its new branch in the Abu Dhabi Global Market after obtaining the necessary license from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the Abu Dhabi Global Market. This opening is an important step in First Abu Dhabi Bank’s business expansion strategy and helps to strengthen the bank’s relationship with its clients in the financial market.

The new agency will operate as an independent entity in accordance with Abu Dhabi’s global market rules and regulations, and its client base includes elite multinational companies, prestigious local and regional companies and financial institutions, including non-bank financial institutions and quasi -agencies. governmental.

The agency will focus on serving and building relationships with key clients of First Abu Dhabi Bank Group, which operates in the global Abu Dhabi market, through First Abu Dhabi Bank’s global relationship, vast experience and financial strength.

In this regard, Martin Triko, Head of Investment Banking at Abu Dhabi Bank Group, said: “ADGM plays an important role in strengthening Abu Dhabi as a global destination for trade and business, emphasizing that it is the bridge that connects the region. international markets and other important international markets. By strengthening our presence in the Abu Dhabi Global Market Vital Financial Services system, we will be able to offer our clients the best services and special offers and develop our banking relationships with the main players. It will also enable Abu Dhabi Bank’s first branch to provide a better service that will help expand its clients and global ambitions in the Abu Dhabi global market.”

Source: Al Ittihad

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