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Post: Governor says Yaroslavl region will reduce debt burden


Yaroslavl region. Archive photo

YAROSLAVL, February 29 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to write off two-thirds of the regions’ debts from budget loans will help the Yaroslavl region improve its economy and invest in other important projects, regional governor Mikhail Evraev said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual speech to the Federal Assembly, proposed reducing the debt burden of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and writing off two-thirds of the debts of the regions from budget loans. Funds should be used targetedly to support investment and infrastructure projects.

Winter in Yaroslavl - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.02.2024

Six facilities were built in the Yaroslavl region as part of the Clean Water program

“The Russian President today announced unprecedented measures to support the economies of the country’s regions and the entire social sphere. The resolution of the debt will help us further improve the economy. We will be able to invest money in other important projects. And this is a big step in development,” Mikhail Evraev was quoted in the press as saying is the service of the government of the Yaroslavl region.

According to the regional government, infrastructure budget loans in the amount of 2.736 billion rubles were provided to the Yaroslavl region in 2022-2023. These funds were allocated by the regional government for the implementation of the infrastructure projects “Greater Rostov – the spiritual center of Russia” and “Revitalization of the historical part of the city of Uglich”, which ensured a comprehensive improvement of the historical centers of Russia. Rostov and Uglich. Funding also went to a comprehensive development project in the Dzerzhinsky district of Yaroslavl, implemented under the control of the regional government.

The regional government states that as of January 1, the region’s total debt to federal budget loans was 42 billion rubles. To repay debt obligations on market loans, the regional government provided municipalities with budget loans totaling 8.3 billion rubles from the federal budget.

The grandmother of a soldier from the Yaroslavl region, together with the villagers, handed over 15 boxes of homemade preparations to her grandson at the front - RIA Novosti, 1920, 27.02.2024

A grandmother in the Yaroslavl region donated homemade ingredients to the SVO district

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