Post: Rosrybolovstvo plans to continue Baikal omul fishing

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Rosrybolovstvo: Russia will restart Baikal omul fishing in 2-3 years

MOSCOW, February 29 – RIA Novosti. Baikal omul fishing in Russia can resume in the next two to three years, stocks are now replenished, Rosrybolovstvo chairman Ilya Shestakov said.

“We are busy with important programs for the restoration of the Baikal omul. Unfortunately, this species is unique to our famous Baikal; its stocks have decreased, there have been some difficulties due to problems with poaching,” said Shestakov. During the information marathon about the fishing industry held at the exhibition-forum “Russia”.

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“Currently, by the decision of the President, a moratorium on industrial fishing for omul has been initiated, and there is a program within the framework of which we are engaged in the reproduction and restoration of stocks. I think in 2-3 years we will achieve this.” “We will be able to reintroduce such a valuable fish species for Baykal to the fisheries,” he said.

The reproduction of the population as a whole is an important component of the industry – it is important not only to catch fish, but also to stock water bodies with fish and preserve fish stocks where they are in a stagnant state or on the verge of extinction. extinction “Last year we produced more than 2 billion samples of various fish species, more than 100 factories operate across the country, which allows us to maintain or increase stocks of various species,” the head of the department said.

As an example, he cited the situation of sturgeon in the Volga, where so far only keeping stocks has been possible, since the construction of a number of hydroelectric power plants has complicated spawning opportunities. “But for some stocks of the same sturgeon – for example, for sterlet – we now see how much of the stock is formed. We will open the sterlet fishery – for amateur fishing in the Middle Volga for now,” said Shestakov.

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