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Post: US imposes antidumping duty on Russian nitrogen fertilizers


Fertilizer dumping. archive photo

The USA decided to impose a tax on nitrogen fertilizers from Russia.

WASHINGTON, June 23 – RIA Novosti. A draft document published in the Federal Register justified the US decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Russian nitrogen fertilizers, by “delivery of ammonium nitrate by Moscow at discounted prices”.

The country’s Ministry of Commerce came to this conclusion based on an analysis of deliveries from April 2020 to March 2021.

“We will instruct the Customs Service to request a cash deposit equal to the difference between the export price and the US price,” says the document, which also enables the calculation of the dumping differential between the main Russian producers and fertilizer suppliers.

So, according to Washington, the weighted average dumping difference for Acron PJSC is about eight percent, Nitrogen JSC, Nevinnomyssky Nitrogen JSC and EuroChem supply products at lower prices of 23.9 percent, and KuibyshevAzot “and GC” Nitrogen’s dumping margin is 122 percent. exceeds .

The document states that while the anti-dumping investigation continues, the listed suppliers will be charged 14.9 percent tax on the amount of the dumping difference from the others.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the US government is secretly encouraging agricultural and shipping companies to increase their purchases of Russian fertilizers amid sanctions and the sharp rise in food prices.

Source: Ria

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