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Post: More than 8.6 thousand hectares of Far East were mined in the Amur region


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More than 8.6 thousand hectares of Far East were mined in the Amur Region

BLAGOVESCHENSK, June 24 – RIA Novosti. According to regional government reports, 8.6 thousand Far East hectares have been allocated in the Amur Region, one of the promising areas for their development is tourism projects.

“As part of the federal program, more than 8,600 free plots of land were issued in the region. At the same time, residents of Amur continue to actively participate in the federal project. Another 247 applications for registration of Far Eastern hectares are being considered.” says report.

The head of the region, Vasily Orlov, noted that one of the promising areas for hectares is tourism projects.

“First in the context of the pandemic, then in the context of sanctions, domestic tourism is developing rapidly, industrial, agricultural and environmental areas are of particular interest. At the same time, over the past few years, the region’s tourism-related infrastructure, above all roads, the construction of new hotels” , – Orlov’s words officials is directing.

On the sites, local residents implement dozens of various business projects. So, four years ago, on the banks of the Nizhne-Bureisky reservoir, the ecological tourism center “Shambhala Pinezhie” was opened. The owner of the base, Vladimir Pinegin, has created an extreme park on 10 Far Eastern hectares with high-altitude platforms that can only be reached with the help of climbing equipment, suspension bridges, an ecological track and an adventure route. Tourists come here from all over the Far East. According to Vladimir Pinegin, the owner of the sites, the full potential of the campground has not yet been revealed during its four years of operation.

“We have a source of drinking water in our region. So far we have not been able to use its full potential. But the potential is huge. For example, private baths can be built here for vacationers. The water here is healing and rich in various substances. salts and minerals,” says Pinegin.

A 4-hectare strawberry farm appeared in the Svobodnensky district. 30 varieties of strawberries belonging to the European selection are grown in greenhouses. Only this season, the owner of the land plans to collect up to 5 tons of products. Farmer Roman Kovalenko also plans to develop agritourism here.

On the Far Eastern hectare of the Magdagachinsky district, birch charcoal production is developing. The venture produces up to 70 tons of products, including export to China.

“We have examples where hectare owners have built houses on the land, today there are 31 of them. We received a total of 249 individual housing construction applications. Oksana Belunkina.

According to the results of last year, the Amur Region was among the leading regions in the implementation of the Far East Hectares program.

Source: Ria

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