EconomyRussia could create a "Diamond Technology Fund"

Russia could create a “Diamond Technology Fund”


Presidential Special Envoy for Digitization Dmitry Peskov. archive photo

Special Representative of President Peskov: Russia can create a “Diamond Technology Fund”

MOSCOW, June 27 – RIA Novosti. He said that Russia could achieve technological dominance in 10-20 years, for which it would have to create a conditional “Diamond Fund” from several dozen of its own developments. latest SPIEF-2022.

“If we talk about the realistic task of technological domination, it looks like this: in 10-20 years, you can create 30-50 of your own advanced development lines that will and will be exhibits of our “Diamond Technology Fund”. Peskov, in case of any disaster in the country, food, security, medicine and he said he can connect.

According to him, “the question is whether technological developments have their own “Diamond Fund”, that is, is that technological superiority, or that it exists in three to five other countries in the world, that is, technological parity.”

The President’s Special Representative also noted that unlike the usual Diamond Fund – diamonds are endless – technologies are losing value, which means they need to be constantly renewed.

Source: Ria


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