Post: Central Bank says no default notices in Russia

The national flag of Russia on the building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. archive photo

First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Chistyukhin called the words about the default in Russia to the forecasts of individual experts

Petersburg, June 29 – RIA Novosti. Vladimir Chistyukhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, told reporters that there are no default announcements in Russia, these are only estimates of individual analytics, rating agencies and experts.

“An important symptomatic point is that there are no default announcements, these are just estimates made by individual analytics, rating agencies, experts, nothing more. I really hope that such an outcome will not come out in the end,” he said. Petersburg International Law Forum.

“Obviously, the collapse of traditional channels for fulfilling Eurobond obligations, in which foreign authorities have a hand, increased the risk of any action by Russian entrepreneurs, the authorities, any action, the most conscientious, aimed at fulfilling their obligations. was considered in breach of the original contract terms,” ​​he said.

Chistyukhin pointed out that the Russian authorities, acting in accordance with the new order, are based on state requirements of public law. “This is not an expression of the will of individuals or individual organizations or departments, it is a public law order that assumes it is impossible to act differently.”

“From my point of view, this means that there is a high probability that this procedure will be deemed to prevail over the civil obligations established earlier in the contract,” Chistyukhin said. said.

According to him, foreign financial infrastructure, which freezes Russian assets, behaves in much the same way. “They say they cannot fulfill our private law obligations because the public law ban has been put in place. Now Russia has done exactly the same thing. At the same time, unlike the foreign side, we try to fulfill our obligations in every possible way. Whatever is allowed in the current circumstances,” he said.

International rating agency Moody’s stated at the beginning of the week that Russian Eurobond holders did not receive their payments on time and this was considered as a default. In addition, the US Bloomberg agency made a statement on Monday night that Russia was the “default” for the first time since 1918.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov pointed out that Russia has not given up on its obligations and has taken all measures to raise funds for investors, and that the creation of artificial barriers to the payment of Russia’s public debt seems a farce and should be labeled “default”. The Kremlin does not accept allegations of Russian default – Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov previously described them as illegal, explaining that the payment of Eurobonds in foreign currency was made in May, and these claims were made in May. funds were not brought to the recipients – “It is no longer our problem.”

Source: Ria

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