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Post: Connection of all ADNOC distribution buildings to the Hasantuk early warning system


The Civil Defense Public Authority announced the connection of all buildings belonging to ADNOC Distribuição to the “Hassantak” early warning system, which is integrated into the authority, under an agreement with “Injazat”, an Emirati company specializing in digital transformation.
Hasantuk System Design, a strategic initiative bringing together the public and private sectors, launched by the UAE Ministry of Interior and Injazat, aims to increase the efficiency level of services related to fire emergency response and security warning systems. Develop an advanced intelligent system that helps reduce the time needed to respond and increase efficiency in emergency situations across the country, thus reducing the loss of life and property.
ADNOC Distribution’s Hassantuk system sends real-time alerts to the Civil Defense Command Center in the event of a fire or smoke. The utilities, in turn, make sure these messages are correct and the alarms are repaired if they are. They are wrong, in case of fire in one of the buildings, the civil protection team will respond immediately.
Engineer Badr Saeed Al Lamki, managing director of ADNOC Distribution, highlighted the company’s commitment to the necessary safety standards in the country and its continuous effort to provide a positive and efficient work environment and an atmosphere that contributes to improving and ensuring health. and security. workers and customers, in addition to improving the conservation and management of natural resources, in accordance with ADNOC’s policy of 100% health, safety and environmental protection.
For his part, Ayman Al Subaie, General Manager of Buildings and Facilities at Hassantuk Company, said: “The Hassantuk initiative is one of the first specialized federal emergency and fire response services in the world, as this initiative was prepared for life and protection. Property in addition to its vital role in buildings and facilities vital to ensuring the safety of your buildings and visitors.
In this regard, we are proud to partner with ADNOC Distribution and the ADNOC Distribution service station network, who take a proactive approach in this regard and share a vision that prioritizes the safety of life, property and vital facilities. place, put
ADNOC Distribution has taken the initiative to register with the Hasantuk system, which will help strengthen its position as a safe destination. Hasantuk’s system will continue to operate 24 hours a day to protect buildings connected to its system, ensuring the safety of building occupants using the latest innovative technical solutions.
In particular, the Hasantuk system connects fire alarms from a central control room 24 hours a day in schools, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings in coordination with the Civil Defense Call Center to respond to fires quickly and efficiently. It facilitates quick response and reduces the risk of fire. The system is characterized by advanced engines based on intelligent systems that can provide intelligent reports on the operations and business of the Ministry of Civil Defense and the Ministry of Interior, and its electronic dashboards are characterized by the ability to send instant messages that allow building owners to maintain their properties and take the necessary measures.

Source: Al Ittihad

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