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Post: The expert said that there is a risk that Germany will run out of gas.


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Furfari: If the EU does not approve the return of the turbines for Nord Stream, Germany will remain without gas

BRUSSELS, 8 July – RIA Novosti. Samuel Furfari says Germany risks going out of gas if it doesn’t start negotiations with other EU countries and get permission to return a gas turbine to Russia for the Nord Stream pipeline, which was previously sent to Canada for repair. Professor at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

“The sanctions are the result of a decision taken by the European Union, so Germany must obtain unanimous permission from the Council of Europe to return the turbine, whose export is theoretically banned for all member states… This is a really serious issue. For the European Union and especially Germany, which is critically dependent on gas supplied by the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 1, Furfari told RIA Novosti.

Given that Canada hasn’t returned a gas turbine sent for repair for a month, Germany is in a particularly difficult position as Russia has reduced supply by 60 percent via Nord Stream 1, as exports are banned after sanctions were imposed. %, professor notes.

The expert noted that Russia’s retaliatory measures did not allow Germany to replenish its gas reserves before winter and avoid rationing energy distribution among the population and companies on the backdrop of famine.

He added that the sanctions imposed by Europe and the USA against Russia have done the most damage to the Western economy, but the EU countries did not realize this, so it is not worth waiting for the easing of the sanctions in the near future.

In mid-June, Gazprom announced that it will be able to supply only 67 million cubic meters of gas per day to Nord Stream, whose planned volume is 167 million cubic meters. The company explained this by delays in the work of German Siemens, which, with the improvement of the overhaul life of its gas compressor units (GCU), was unable to return the GCU from the Canadian plant from repair due to Canadian sanctions against Russia. identified technical engine faults.

Currently, Gazprom uses approximately 40 %of the capacity of the pipeline, which is the main way to deliver Russian gas to the European region, and is planned to close the North Stream for annual maintenance between 11-21 July, which can worse the gas shortage in Europe. . Some countries, including Germany and Austria, have expressed concern that deliveries along the road may decrease or stop after the work is completed.

Source: Ria

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