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Post: Germans offered to stay in Greek resorts in winter


Footpaths after renovation on the Acropolis of Athens. Archive photo

Greek authorities offer Germans to spend the winter “away from crises” in the country’s resorts

BERLIN, 14 July – RIA Novosti. Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias called In the face of rising inflation and the threat of power cuts, older German citizens have to spend the winter “away from crises” in their country.

“In autumn and winter, we Greeks will be delighted to welcome German retirees who want to experience the Mediterranean winter with Greek hospitality, mild weather and quality service,” Kikilias told Bild. said.

Panagiotis Simandirakis, the mayor of the port city of Chania on the Greek island of Crete, also joined the call. “We invite every German who wants to come to us this winter to live here away from the crises,” he said. Simandirakis says Crete is well suited to “getting through the crisis winter”, as there is no need to heat homes in the winter. “Not a single German will freeze in Greece,” said the mayor.

In Germany, against the background of the crisis in the energy industry, electricity prices rose sharply. Thus, on average, one kilowatt of electricity from gas costs consumers about 22 euro cents (13 rubles), which is four times higher than last year’s price.

In mid-June, Gazprom announced that it will be able to supply only 67 million cubic meters of gas per day to Nord Stream, whose planned volume is 167 million cubic meters. The company explained this with the development of the overhaul life of its gas compressor units (GCU), with delays in the work of German Siemens, which was unable to return the GCU from the Canadian plant from repair due to Canadian sanctions against Russia. identified technical engine faults.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that the decrease in gas supplies to some European countries was due to their failure to return from repairing Siemens turbines used to supply gas to the North. Stream, nothing intentional on the Russian side. According to him, these are the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions and problems “that have nothing to do with us”. Peskov has repeatedly said that Russia has never used its gas resources to punish anyone, that it sells the fuel only for its own benefit, to increase the welfare of the Russians, and on a commercial basis.

Following the start of Russia’s special operation against Ukraine, Western countries began to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation, especially on Russian energy resources. The sixth package envisages a gradual embargo on oil imports from the Russian Federation. The ban will only affect deliveries by sea, and oil from the Druzhba pipeline is not subject to restrictions. In the future, Europe does not exclude the entry of the seventh package, which could embargo Russia’s gas supply.

Source: Ria

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