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Post: Called a new “red line” for the ruble


One Ruble coin in one US Dollar bill. Archive photo

Economist Syrovatkin described 50 rubles as a red line for Russian officials

MOSCOW, July 17 – RIA Novosti. The verbal interventions of the authorities and the actual steps to limit the strengthening of the ruble show a kind of “red line” for the Russian currency. However, it is essentially conditional, he told the agency.hit the primerOleg Syrovatkin, Lead Analyst for Otkritie Investments Global Research, specialist at Otkritie Research.

According to him, the rhetoric of officials tightened precisely as the ruble approached the 50 mark against the dollar.

Syrovatkin, “Given the above, the level of 50 rubles per dollar can be conditionally called a “red line”.

However, this sign is quite conditional, since the ruble is still not targeted by anyone, it is in free circulation. For different sectors of the economy, there is a comfortable exchange rate, although the authorities are looking for a compromise range of 70-80 rubles per dollar. However, the expert noted that the question of how to get back there remains open.

Source: Ria

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