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Post: Deputy PMs will deal with development issues in high-tech industries


Worker in the shop of parts and assembly made of polymer-composite materials. Archive photo

Putin invited the deputy prime ministers to solve the development problems of high-tech industries

MOSCOW, July 18 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested Assign development topics in high-tech industries to each vice president.

“I think it is appropriate to appoint a responsible person for each area (in the high-tech industries) with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister. Here we have Andrey Removich (Belousov) in charge of everything, all this exchange, but it seems that under his leadership it is relevant for me … And Prime Minister’ and then I would check everything that happens. Here, we will draw a garden for each Deputy Prime Minister. And here it is necessary to set more ambitious indicators based on the current situation.In his speech at the Council of Strategic Development and National Projects, Putin said that the needs of our economy must be met.

Source: Ria

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