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Post: The West’s misconception about the Russian economy is exposed


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Il Fatto Quotidiano: Russian economy turned out to be stronger than the West imagined

MOSCOW, July 20 – RIA Novosti. The Russian economy turned out to be much stronger than the West had imagined, states Italian edition of Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Russia’s strength is that its industry, raw materials and agriculture make up a significant part of GDP, it includes the service sector (trade, banking, transport, tourism, public services, and generally less reflects the strength of the economy and is mainly developing material, domestically says it plays a smaller role compared to other countries.

At the macroeconomic level, the country also has an excellent performance. It ended 2021 with a trade surplus supported by exports of raw materials, including oil and gas. At the same time, Moscow has accumulated huge foreign exchange reserves worth 630 billion dollars (1.7 times higher than the level of imports of goods and services).

In addition, Russia is a net creditor in the international market, which means that other countries need it more than other countries. Even in the midst of the conflict, the country’s balance of trade is still active, and rising black gold and gas prices guarantee significant tax revenues.

Thus, sums up Il Fatto Quotidiano, it was naive to rely on the isolation of Russia without serious consequences for the European Union itself.

After the start of a special military operation to de-Nazis and demilitarize Ukraine, the West stepped up the pressure to impose sanctions on Russia. The disruption of supply chains has increased fuel and food prices in Europe and the US. The rising cost of living has hit millions of households. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the policy of controlling and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy for the West and that the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy.

Dmitry Birichevsky, Head of the Department of Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Russia’s response to Western sanctions can be very painful, and that Europe should understand that it is consuming its own economy with anti-Russian restrictions. According to him, Moscow has not yet fully implemented countermeasures.

Russia has been conducting military operations in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin described his goal as “protecting people who have been subjected to genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” The Russian Ministry of Defense described the liberation of Donbass as the main task.

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Source: Ria

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