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Post: Germany sees no technical reason to reduce supply via Nord Stream


Part of the Nord Stream gas pipeline near the town of Lubmin. Archive photo

Germany sees no technical reason to reduce gas supply via Nord Stream

BERLIN, 25 July – RIA Novosti. The German Ministry of Economy stated that they did not know about the technical reasons for reducing the flow of Nord Stream 1, says in a department announcement.

“Concerning Gazprom’s statement: to our knowledge, there is no technical reason to reduce supply through Nord Stream 1. The Ministry, together with the Federal Network Agency and the Gas Crisis Group, is monitoring the situation very closely,” the ministry said on Twitter. .

The ministry added that “the approval (turbine export) conditions required under the sanctions law have been met”. “Canada has issued exemption documents (from the sanction regime) required by Canadian law. Under EU sanctions law, exclusion licenses are not required,” the ministry said.

Nord Stream, Gazprom’s main gas supply route to Europe, resumed operation on July 21 after scheduled maintenance. It has continued to pump at 40% of its daily capacity of about 170 million cubic meters per day since mid-July. Gazprom explained that it was limited by delays . On the return of the turbine from Canada from the repair of gas compressor units (GCUs) used to supply gas to the pipeline of the German Siemens, special difficulties arose until the engine arrived only in Germany.

It is periodically stated in Europe that the real reason for the decrease in gas flow is not problems with the turbines. The Russian side has repeatedly emphasized that the reduction in supply through Nord Stream is only due to sanctions that caused problems in the repair of gas pumping units. Thus, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Gazprom has fulfilled and plans to fulfill all its obligations and is ready to pump as much as necessary.

Source: Ria

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