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Post: Gas supply via Nord Stream is expected to stay at the same levels on July 28


On the territory of the compressor station. Archive photo

Gas supplies via Ukraine and Nord Stream are expected to remain at the same levels on July 28.

MOSCOW, July 28 – RIA Novosti. According to data from GTS operators, Russian gas deliveries via the Ukrainian gas transport system (GTS) and Nord Stream on Thursday, July 28, are expected to be at the level of the previous day.

According to the website of the Ukrainian GTS Operator, the application of pumping through the Sudzha gas metering station (GIS) is 42.06 million cubic meters. At about 40-42 million, the indicator has been held since the end of May. Deliveries are not made via GIS “Sohranivka”, as Ukraine refuses to use “Gazprom”.

According to applications on the website of operator Nord Stream AG, deliveries via Nord Stream are expected to amount to 31 million cubic meters. On July 27, the line’s pumping capacity was once again reduced due to the shutdown of another Siemens turbine, which had completed its full maintenance cycle. Residual gas pipeline feeds can be carried out at an amount of not more than 20% of its maximum capacity.

The company has reduced deliveries through the pipeline since mid-June – first to about 60% (no more than 100 million cubic meters) of its design capacity, then to about 40% (no more than 67 million cubic meters). At that time, Gazprom explained this by delays in the return of gas compressor units (GCU) for the main line from repair from a plant in Canada (Canada imposed sanctions on the company), the development of a TBO and technical malfunctions of engines.

At the same time, gas is pumped into underground storage facilities in Europe. According to the European Association of Gas Infrastructure Operators (Gas Infrastructure Europe, GIE), at the end of the 26th of July gas day (ended at 7:00 am Moscow time on 27 July), European UGS facilities were filled by 67.47%, up daily. It was 0.36 percent points. In total, the “underground” is now 68.15 billion cubic meters.

Source: Ria

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