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Post: Gazprom: Sending Siemens turbine from Canada to Germany violates contract


Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC employees in the workshop for the restoration of gas turbine blades. Archive photo

Gazprom: the supply of turbines for Nord Stream from Canada to Germany violates the contract

MOSCOW, July 29 – RIA Novosti. Sending Siemens turbine from Canada to Germany for Nord Stream violates the agreement, knowledgeable Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom.

“We have to pay attention to the fact that the gas turbine engine supply from Canada to Germany does not comply with the terms of the contract,” Rossiya 24 TV channel said.

Now the company has to assess the impact of EU sanctions and take into account the possible risks associated with blocking and stopping the engine on the territory of EU countries. Markelov emphasized that the supplier under the contract is the British company Industrial Turbine Company Limited, the requirements of English law apply to it, and now Gazprom had to consider the sanctions restrictions imposed by the UK.

“Furthermore, I draw your attention once again that the permits submitted by the Canadian authorities do not take into account the terms of the current contract and are given to Siemens Energy Canada Limited, with which we have no contractual relationship.” Additional.

Markelov also noted that the risk of violating the terms of Canada’s permission to supply the engine to Germany, not Russia, raises additional concerns. If the final destination of delivery is Russia, as the company believes, the Canadian authorities may consider this a violation or circumvention of its terms and revoke previously granted permits on this basis. This will make it impossible for other engines in Canada to be repaired later, he added.

Markelov also announced that he will publish an excerpt from Moscow’s correspondence with Siemens on the repair of gas pipeline engines.

Source: Ria

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