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Post: Sandu counts on US help to overcome crisis in Moldova


Moldovan President Maia Sandu
Moldovan President Maia Sandu. Archive photo

Moldovan President Sandu counts on US help to tackle energy crisis

KISINAU, 3 August – RIA Novosti. Moldovan President Maia Sandu is counting on US assistance in overcoming the country’s economic and energy crisis, the press service of the Moldovan leader said on Wednesday.

Moldova faced an unprecedented rise in prices at the end of the spring. The National Bureau of Statistics announced that the average annual inflation was 29.05% in May. Food prices increased 32.5%, non-food products – 21.45%, services provided to the population – 35.27%. Against this background, the opposition began protests. Since August 1, the purchase price of gas for Moldova has increased from $ 980 to $ 1458 per thousand cubic meters. Protests have been held in the country for more than two months in an environment of social and economic crisis. The opposition blamed the government and the ruling Action and Solidarity party for the economic crisis in the country.

On Wednesday, Sandu met with US Congressman Eric Swolwell. The parties discussed the security situation in the region, Moldovan-American relations and bilateral cooperation.

“Sandu expressed hope that the United States will also help us overcome the current economic and energy crises exacerbated by military operations in Ukraine,” the presidential administration said in a press release.

It was noted that Sandu thanked Swalwell for “the long-term contribution of the United States to the economic development of Moldova”.

In July, the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration approved $16.7 million in US funding for democratic processes and more than $40 million for sustainable economic growth. Payments are provided by the “Aid Agreement between the Government of Moldova and the Government of the United States for Assistance for the Purpose of European Integration” signed in 2016.

Source: Ria

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