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Post: Trade delegation announces a “wave of demand” to enter the Chinese market


State flags of the Russian Federation and China

The trade delegation said it received a “wave of demand and offers” to enter the Chinese market.

BEIJING, AUGUST 5 – RIA Novosti. Alexei Dakhnovsky, Russia’s trade representative in China, told reporters on Friday that the Russian trade delegation had received “a wave of requests and offers” from companies about entering the Chinese market in the face of Western anti-Russia sanctions.

When answering a question about whether the trade delegation recorded an increase in interest rates, Dakhnovsky said, “I can only say that we did not notice an increase in interest rates, it was just a wave of requests and offers from Russia.” said. To trade with China outside of Russia in the light of Western sanctions.

According to him, “Who has never sold here before, really wants to sell here, who has never bought anything in China before and who cannot be called here with gingerbread now wants to buy here.”

“The whole point is that neither one nor the other has experience working with China, and it’s a pretty tough country to negotiate, and in general, deals to build relationships often fail,” he added.

“There is a lot of demand in general, we actually work as firefighters: we have created separate sections in our Internet resources to work with China in new conditions,” the trade representative said.

“We also create and send offers from China to Moscow: the Ministry of Industry and Trade maintains a database that is actively viewed by our exporters, with a link to this database, requests are periodically received and there is a request to provide their contacts. “Companies that have expressed interest in purchasing a particular product,” he explained.

Source: Ria

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