Post: In Germany, the decision to fill the UGS facilities to 95 percent by November was not deemed practicable

Sayda compressor station connecting Czech and German pipeline systems. Archive photo

Head of German regulator Muller: Decision not possible to fill UGS facilities 95 percent by November

BERLIN, 17 August – RIA Novosti. The decision to fill all German gas storage facilities by 95% by November is impossible, this opinion was expressed in an interview with the agency. Bloomberg Klaus Müller, Head of the Federal Network Agency.

“Even with good supply and demand conditions, I can’t promise you that all storage facilities in Germany will be 95% full in November,” Muller said. “At best, three quarters of them will achieve their goals,” he added.

According to the regulator’s head, gas storage facilities are currently filling up “a little faster than before”, but this is “not a sign we can relax”.

Germany’s gas storage capacity is 77% full, but there is an unusually cold autumn and the risk of further supply disruptions. In this context, it will be difficult to reach the 85 percent occupancy rate set by the German federal government in October.

An energy crash is currently expected in Germany in winter due to a possible interruption to Russia’s gas supply. Economy Minister Robert Habek and head of the Federal Grid Service, Klaus Müller, have repeatedly urged the citizens of the country to reduce their electricity consumption in order to save money.

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