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Post: Media: Ankara gets the cheapest gas among European capitals


Yeni Şafak Newspaper: Ankara gets the cheapest gas, unlike European capitals

MOSCOW, 22 August/ Radio Sputnik. Gas consumers living in Ankara, Turkey, get the cheapest gas compared to those living in European capitals – $0.25 per cubic meter of fuel, transmits RIA Novosti referred to Yeni Şafak newspaper.

The publication notes that worldwide gas bills have increased significantly due to the energy crisis.

The publication states, “Europeans, preparing for a tough winter, are struggling with increasing natural gas bills. The cheapest gas in Ankara among the European capitals is 4.68 lira (0.26 euro) per cubic meter.”

Dutch consumers pay the most – 3.01 euros per cubic meter of blue fuel.

“Families living in England pay 35 liras (1.96 euros) for one cubic meter of natural gas, 32.6 liras (1.83 euros) for residents of Berlin and 9.89 liras (0.56 euros) for residents of Zagreb. The Greek capital receives 32.51 liras (1.82 euros) per cubic meter and 25.9 liras (1.45 euros) per cubic meter in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

On Monday, the price of gas in Europe rose above $2,800 per thousand cubic meters. Growth was observed after Gazprom announced that the Nord Stream pipeline was shut down for three days for the planned maintenance of the only working gas pumping unit.

Earlier, an expert on Sputnik radio suggested that the industry of European countries could not withstand such high gas prices.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegram channel.

Source: Ria

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