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Post: Shares of Sberbank rose three percent after news of VK leaving their joint venture


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Sberbank shares rise to 3% on news that VK is leaving O2O Holding

MOSCOW, August 23 – RIA Novosti. Sberbank’s ordinary shares grew by up to 3% on the news that VK acquired 100% of Delivery Club and left O2O Holding with Sberbank. data Moscow exchange.

By 11.44 Moscow time, ordinary shares of Sberbank increased by 2.32% to 128.98 rubles, and by 3.02% to 129.87 rubles per share. The bank’s preferences rose 1.58% to 123.57 rubles, reaching the day’s maximum of 124.14 rubles (+2.27%). The trading volume of ordinary shares is 3.5 billion rubles, in preferred shares – 202 million rubles.

Earlier on Tuesday, VK announced that it was leaving the joint venture with Sberbank, acquiring a 100% stake in Delivery Club. The company plans to close the deal before the end of the year and replace this service with Yandex-owned Novosti and Zen.

The joint venture between Sberbank and VK O2O (online-offline) in the field of transport and food was established in December 2019. Delivery Club includes restaurant delivery service, Samokat express food delivery service, You Drive car sharing service, Foodplex multifunctional platform for visitors and restaurant owners, as well as ready-to-eat food manufacturer and convenience food manufacturer Performance Group. Express delivery service Kitchen in the area.

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