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Post: “Kommersant” announces Mercedes-Benz’s desire to sell the plant in the suburbs


Logo of the German car brand Mercedes-Benz - RIA Novosti, 1920, 26.08.2022
The logo of the German car brand Mercedes-Benz. Archive photo

The newspaper “Kommersant” announced the desire to sell Mercedes-Benz’s plant in the Moscow region.

MOSCOW, August 26 – RIA Novosti. Mercedes-Benz sells its factory in the Moscow region, many dealers are participating in the negotiations, the main competitor for the acquisition is the Avtodom automobile holding, which the Kommersant newspaper cite sources.

“Mercedes-Benz is selling a factory in Russia,” Kommersant’s resources in the automotive industry and the real estate market told Kommersant. We are talking about a site in Esipovo, near Moscow, owned by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus, where Daimler KamAZ Rus is located. The joint venture owns 20%, the rest is headed by Mercedes-Benz AG,” the newspaper writes.

A Kommersant source at one of the auto concerns says the plant is for sale. Another correspondent of the newspaper confirmed that the deal is almost complete and the Russian dealer will be the buyer, but Mercedes has some “document problems”.

According to another Kommersant source from the real estate market in the Moscow region, the Avtodom dealer also claims the factory, and the Moscow Region Development Company is participating in the negotiations. According to the newspaper, many dealers are participating in the tender. “This is a complex deal that includes the rights to the distributor of the brand in the Russian market,” the auto retailer told Kommersant. To them, Avtodom is the main competitor.

The newspaper, “Mercedes-Benz Kommersant’s Russia office said the company is “evaluating various options for doing business in Russia”.

Source: Ria

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