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Post: Dell announces complete withdrawal from the Russian market


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US computer maker Dell Technologies announces complete withdrawal from Russia

MOSCOW, August 28 – RIA Novosti. The American company Dell Technologies announced the suspension of all its operations in Russia and the closure of a representative office in the country. Reuters.

The server and computer manufacturer suspended sales in Russia and Ukraine in February, saying it will monitor the situation.

“We closed our offices in mid-August and stopped all operations in Russia,” tech giant spokesman Mike Simienas told the agency.

With the closure of its Russia office, Dell laid off all employees. It is stated that the majority of developers and engineers have already received job offers from other companies.

Since the start of special operations in Ukraine, many Western companies have suspended their activities in Russia. Some enterprises announced their complete withdrawal from the Russian market. The governments of the United States and America’s allies have imposed new sanctions on Moscow, raising calls to refuse energy supplies from Russia. At the same time, the disruption of supply chains has led to economic problems in Europe and the United States, particularly in food and fuel prices.

The Kremlin described the sanctions as an economic war like no other. The authorities emphasized their readiness for events to develop in this way and assured that they will continue to fulfill their social obligations. The Central Bank is taking measures to stabilize the situation in the foreign exchange market. Authorities also transferred the gas payment to unfriendly countries in rubles. In addition, the government has drawn up a plan that includes nearly a hundred initiatives to counter the restrictions. The amount of its financing will be about one trillion rubles.

Source: Ria

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