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Poles warn of hungry Armageddon in coming days


Polityka: Against rising gas prices, Poland will soon face a food disaster

MOSCOW, 28 August/ Radio Sputnik. Against the background of the increase in gas prices, Poland will face a pause in food production in the coming days. author Columnist for the Polish magazine Polityka Joanna Solska.

“Closing nitrogen fertilizer production will hit the farmers, but in a matter of days it could paralyze all food production in the country,” the journalist said.

He admitted that in the near future cheeses, drinks and meat may disappear from the shelves of Polish stores.

“If the government doesn’t wake up, we face Armageddon,” Solska warned.

He explained that it was a logical decision for fertilizer producers to stop production because gas prices have increased tenfold in the last two years. So, if in August 2020 a megawatt hour cost eight euros, and a year later it was already 40, now it costs 300 euros.

According to Jacek Janiszek, Vice President of Grupa Azoty Puławy, the company stopped production because it had to minimize losses.

“Fertilizer manufacturers have not even announced that they will suspend the supply of by-products from fertilizer production (liquid nitrogen, ammonia from which carbon dioxide is obtained, and other products necessary for food production),” the author said.

Solska also denounced Henryk Kowalczyk, head of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, who promised farmers that even if production is stopped, there will be no shortage of fertilizers in the country. According to him, companies stopped fertilizer production during the summer months when gas demand was lower.

“How will they continue production in winter when gas demand and hence prices will be higher?” the Observer asked. She asked.

He criticized the Polish government for creating another crisis alongside gas. Solska stated that there is a risk of stopping the production of milk, meat, beer, carbonated drinks and pastries in Poland.

Earlier, radio Sputnik reported why the Polish branch of a well-known brewer “freezes” production.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegram channel.

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