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Post: Head of the Ministry of Development of the Far East spoke about the future of relations between Russia and China


Far East and Arctic Development Minister Alexei Chekunkov, St. At the Sputnik radio studio at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – 2021. Archive photo

Head of the Russian Far East Ministry of Development: Relations between Russia and China await a new and greater chapter

MOSCOW, August 31 – RIA Novosti. The head of the Far Eastern Ministry of Development, Alexei Chekunkov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Russia and China are waiting for a greater head of relations, the degree of readiness for interaction has increased significantly.

According to him, the partnership between Russia and China in the post-Soviet reality was established by a certain trial and error method, several strong main projects were created.

“I definitely see a more ambitious chapter ahead than the previous one. Due to the very rapid growth of China and the lack of experience in international investment of all businesses, not all projects announced by Chinese investors have turned out as intended, and lumpy pancakes. But now that the degree of maturity and readiness to interact. We’re seeing the rating increase significantly,” said Chekunkov.

According to him, “You need to know what China is.”

“China sees itself as a middle state and rotates around its own axis. But it is our natural neighbor. We have a 4,200-kilometer border between the Far East and China, our economic connection is high. The peoples of Russia and China treat each other well. The Chinese people of course admire our president, I know this firsthand. During my dozens of business trips to China, I saw how the Chinese behaved towards Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.” said.

At the same time, as the PRC state, it is building strategic long-term plans for the next decades, according to the agency’s source.

Source: Ria

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