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Post: Novak said the speed of execution of gasification applications is accelerating regularly.


Alexander Novak. Archive photo

Novak: The speed of implementation of social gasification applications is accelerating every month

MOSCOW, August 31 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, in his meeting with President Vladimir Putin, said that the speed of execution of social gasification applications is accelerating every month, and the dynamics are good.

“To date, more than 670,000 applications have been received from Russian residents for free gasification of households, 545,000 contracts have been signed, and today 240,000 households are supplied with free gas within the boundaries of the site. The dynamics here are good Novak, the speed is increasing every month and now there is an active construction and applications in the summer, autumn period. There is a period,” he said.

He stated that of these 240,000 ballot boxes, about 100,000, or about 40%, were “directly launched”. At the same time, Novak stated that the gasification headquarters closely monitors that the signed contracts are fulfilled on time, adding that the contracts for gas connection of the site as part of the gasification program have expired until 2023. The Deputy Prime Minister assured that these would be fulfilled.

At the same time, Novak emphasized that citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to use the right to free gas delivery to the borders of their homes, even after 2022. He reminded me that this rule is now ambiguous.

“I would also like to note the great contribution of Gazprom to the development of gasification programs in general for the period up to 2025. In addition to the 67 programs that have already been approved, three more have been signed this year – Irkutsk region, Kostroma and Chelyabinsk, that is, where there are independent gas suppliers. After the completion of these 70 programs, about 4,000 more settlements will be gasified, which is almost 3 times more than in the previous five-year plans. .. will receive more than 500,000 citizens. Gas under these programs,” Novak said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that Gazprom plans to allocate about 600 billion rubles to implement these plans by 2025 and another 150 billion rubles for social regasification, of which 43 billion rubles have already been financed.

Source: Ria

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