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Post: Sberbank and its subsidiaries suffered 800 cyber attacks in the last quarter


Sber stand. Archive photo

Kuznetsov said that Sberbank and its subsidiaries suffered 800 cyberattacks in the last quarter.

VLADIVOSTOK, September 6 – RIA Novosti. Stanislav Kuznetsov, vice chairman of the board of directors of Sberbank, said that the number of cyber attacks on Sberbank in the last quarter reached 450 at its subsidiaries – 350, comparable to the number of attacks in the last 5 years.

“As for Sber, I can say that in the last quarter it has withstood about 450 DDOS attacks against Sber itself and about 450 against our affiliates,” he said at the WEF-2022 session. .

He noted that this is a very large number. “This number is equal to all the DDOS attacks we have carried out in the last 5 years,” Kuznetsov said.

Kuznetsov added that a real cyberwarfare is currently being waged against Russia.

WEF will take place on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in Vladivostok on September 5-8. RIA Novosti acts as the general media partner of the forum.

Source: Ria

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