EconomyIn Germany, they doubted Habek's competence after a disturbing...

In Germany, they doubted Habek’s competence after a disturbing question about gas


German Economy Minister Robert Habeck. Archive photo

Bild questions Habek’s competence after denying German bankruptcy wave

MOSCOW, September 7 – RIA Novosti. Newspaper bild His powers were questioned after German Economy Minister Robert Habeck unsuccessfully answered a question about the country’s economic crisis caused by anti-Russian sanctions.

The day before, ARD asked Habek if it expects an increase in bankruptcies by the end of this winter. The politician said that bankruptcies are not expected, only some companies will temporarily stop production.

“So all industries can stop production temporarily, but doesn’t that mean they’re going bankrupt? <…> Doesn’t our federal finance minister have the slightest idea about the economy?” says material translated by InoTV.

As Bild points out, the sharp rise in the cost of energy has already triggered a nationwide wave of bankruptcies. Businesses declare bankruptcy due to massive growth in material and energy purchases, as well as a significant drop in sales. As prices rise, customers become more insecure.

Western countries, including Germany, are facing rising energy prices and rising inflation due to sanctions against Moscow and the policy of giving up on Russian fuel. Due to the increase in fuel prices, especially gas, the industry in the West lost its competitive advantages to a large extent, which also affected other sectors of the economy. Also, the United States and European countries have faced record inflation for decades.

Source: Ria


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