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Post: Amur region governor expects increase in milk production in five years


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Governor of the Amur Region Orlov: In five years milk production will increase by 48 thousand tons

BLAGOVESCHENSK, September 9 – RIA Novosti. Governor Vasily Orlov said that milk production in the Amur Region will increase by 48 thousand tons in five years.

According to the regional government, construction of three new livestock complexes for 4,230 cows will begin in the Amur region in 2023. CJSC Agrofirms ANK also has development plans. The agricultural enterprise will build a livestock complex for 1,200 head of cattle in the village of Nikolo-Aleksandrovka. Work should begin in 2024.

“With the implementation of four investment projects, the milk production in the region will increase by approximately 48 thousand tons in five years. The increase will be over 30%. In comparison, around 140 thousand tons of milk was produced in the region last year. In addition to increasing the share of Amur milk in the domestic market, Far East sales to the region will give the opportunity to more actively enter their markets.Expansion of production is always accompanied by an increase in the number and volume of jobs. tax cuts, “quotes the press service of Orlov.

It is stated that a major project in the field of dairy farming, which will start in April 2023, will be the creation of a robotic complex for 2,000 cattle. MiS Agro LLC plans to start the first phase of the construction of a 520 head barn. Contracts were signed for project development and engineering studies. The cost of creating the complex is estimated at 2.7 billion rubles.

It is also planned to start the construction of a livestock complex for 1,400 cows at JSC Dimskoye from September next year. The regional government stated that the development of project documents and a business plan has already begun. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the project will be 1.4 billion rubles.

It is also planned to expand the Luch livestock complex. The farm near the village of Ivanovka is undertaking the first phase of construction of a dairy farm for 1,535 cattle, the second phase will expand the farm by 830 more. Luch plans to start construction in February 2023. Oleg Turkov, deputy head of the regional government, Minister of Agriculture, said that the cost of the second phase is estimated at 1.1 billion rubles, 49 new jobs will be created.

The total investment in projects will exceed 6.4 billion rubles. The preliminary amount of state support for 2023-2025 will be more than 2.1 billion rubles.

The state program “Integrated Development of Rural Areas” works in the region. Local authorities say that with its help it is also possible to solve the personnel problems that fast-growing agricultural enterprises regularly face.

“Farmers should take a closer look at the sub-program that includes state support for the construction of houses for workers. We will compensate from the budget 20,000 rubles per square meter of finished housing. Some peasant farms are already actively building under this program, only in Borisoglebka the farm, five houses for business workers delivered, it will be ready for another six years until the end. Two more farms from the Mikhailovsky and Svobodnensky districts have requested support for the construction of new housing.” As the regional president assures, the regional government is ready to discuss expanding the program if farmers’ need for such support grows.

According to the regional government, a number of state support measures are implemented for the active development of livestock production, among them, in particular, 25% compensation for the construction of capital facilities, 50% subsidy for the purchase of livestock and equipment for dairy farms, as well as compensation for interest on loans for development. .

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