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Post: Isola dei Famosi, statement by Edoardo Tavassi: “I need to operate, I’m afraid that…”


Former shipwrecked Edoardo Tavassi reveals on social media that he will have to undergo vocal cord surgery.

Edoardo Tavassi was one of the most beloved and respected members of the last issue Celebrity Island. A few months after graduation reality show hosted by Ilari Blasithe former Roman castaway told his many admirers that he should perform surgery on the vocal cords to remove the polyp.

Edoardo Tavassi concerned: Former castaway L’Isola dei Famosi reveals he needs surgery

A few months after his participation in Celebrity Island, Edoardo Tavassi to undergo vocal cord surgery. It was exactly the one brother of Gendalina who, through Instagram stories, informed his fans that he is currently in pre-hospitalization and revealed my biggest fear:

The best way to start the day is to get a good pre-hospitalization. I’m going to have surgery to remove a vocal cord polyp. Polyps, cuttlefish, I have mixed fry on my vocal cords […] Since I like my voice, I’m afraid that this octopus will be taken away from me and then I hear the voice of someone hissing on helium.

Recall that, according to rumors, the disbanded weekly Chi, Edoardo may become the new guest of L’Isola dei Famosi.. Former Roman castaway could claim this role with Nicholas Vaporidislast draw winner Channel 5 reality show held blasi. Let’s see!

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