Post: Mara Venier confesses her crazy track record

Sunday’s undisputed women’s record is Mara Venier, who explains why she thinks she’s a little crazy and sums up her career in an interview. That’s what he said.

Sunday Lady on TV. Undoubtedly Mara Venier is eligible for this coveted title, especially after surpassing Pippo Baudo’s record and scoring well. fourteen years of running on Domenica Il, the immortal winning public television for weekend lounges. Even the national Pippo did less, with thirteen.

The first to be surprised will be Venier to define himself a little crazyas he ironically admitted in an interview with the magazine True. “I could never refuse to launch it when it was offered to me,” she said. “To Domenica B I don’t know how to say no, he gave me everything. You don’t take me seriously anymore, but every year I say it’s my last. Domenica Ying is in my heart.”

At this point, she finds it hard to believe if she talks about “time to take risks” in regards to the future. Surprises in the eyes or another homecoming in the comfortable day chair of Rai1?

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