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Post: Can Yaman become a victim of harassment? The actor has a bad meeting at the hotel


Can Yaman says he pinched an overly pushy fan at his hotel door. The wrath of a Turkish actor.

Can Yaman love so much fansome of them, however, fail to contain their curiosity, becoming oppressive and intrusive. This is the case of a fan of a Turkish star caught eavesdropping at the door of a hotel. Yaman occupied in Palermo during the filming of Viola come il Mare.

Can Yaman is furious, this is what happened at the hotel

Can Yaman he is one of the most beloved actors of the moment, but popularity is not always a good thing, especially when fans take friendliness and affection as an excuse to invade the privacy of the respective VIP. Yaman he talked about had to moveafter several weeks of searches under his door too bigotedand, which prevented him from enjoying privacy and privacy, the sacred right of every human being. Yaman announced that he had left Italyhe will not return to his Roman home for six months because he is busy on the set of El Turco in Budapest.

The new television series from Dinsey+ promises good results, given the international cast and exciting historical plot. Can he did not hide the fact that he was very excited about all this new experience. However, before leaving, the actor remembered the meeting with purple like the seabroadcast from September 30, 2022 on Canale 5 and during the filming of the feature film May fail. In an interview with La Stampa, the Turkish star admitted that he had found fan with ears glued to his hotel door and go crazy with this:

“Tapka shuddered, I said “arrest him.” Long story short, it pissed me off. […] I don’t like obsession. I know that this is partly a consequence of my work, and therefore I must accept it. I love my fans, but if they come calling me at midnight, no one will like it.”

Bad episode that I experienced Maybe withhe once again demonstrates how blurred the line between supporters and pursuers. Yaman he dismissed the question, nonetheless reminding those who love him not to irritate him by giving him their own space.

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