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Post: The team of the Russian Theater in Moldova protested the dismissal of the director


Director of the State Russian Drama Theater named after the People’s Artist of Moldova Konstantin Haret AP Chekhov (Chisinau, Moldova). Archive photo

The Russian Theater team in Moldova came out to protest the dismissal of director Haret.

KISINAU, 25 September – RIA Novosti. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, the team of the Russian State Drama Theater named after AP Chekhov in Chisinau protested the authorities’ decision to dismiss the director Konstantin Kharet.

“We get the impression that we are interfering with someone and someone is pursuing their own interests. The theater pays for infrastructure, repairs, theatrical performances and royalties from its own funds. In April, the Ministry of Culture reduced the subsidy by 200,000 lei. (More than 10 thousand dollars. – Approx. ed.) Well “What are the aims of the ministry? To make the theater unprofitable and close it? To cut off our heads in such a difficult time?” – says that actors and theater workers appeal to the leadership of the republic.

Protesters are planning to hold a rally tomorrow, September 26, in front of the Ministry of Culture building.

As Moldovan media wrote, the Ministry of Culture plans to terminate the contract with Haret from 9 October. The reason for this is the reform that allowed the heads of theaters and concert halls to be appointed on an exclusively competitive basis. However, this amendment to the law on theater, circus and concert organizations was adopted in March 2021, while the contract with Haret was signed in October 2020.

The head of the Ministry of Culture, Sergiu Prodan, said that the notice of termination of contracts would also be given to other theater heads “who did not pass the nomination competition”, but that the people of Moldova were alarmed and drew attention. the fact that the reform began with the Russian theater.

Konstantin Haret – People’s Artist of Moldova. In 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented him with the Order of Friendship “for his significant contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples, preserving and spreading the Russian language and culture abroad”.

Source: Ria

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